- We took a train to London, and the next morning we headed straight for the coastal town of Brighton. Cassie had an appointment to get her first tattoo with @isobel.bronwyn at Top Boy Tattoo. It couldn’t have been a better experience. @isobel.bronwyn made her feel comfortable, was so kind and patient, and they were able to work on the design together.


- Our London Airbnb was right above a cafe on Broadway Market, a quaint street filled with local shops and eateries on the south side of London Fields. The corner apartment had huge windows overlooking the street on one side and the Regent’s Canal on the other.

- I’ve never been drawn to London. I guess it just never felt exotic enough to me. But I was so impressed during our limited time in the city. We had my dear friend, Anna, showing us around Hackney, and of course we got lucky with some Florida sunshine while we were there. After a whirlwind of a trip, it was nice to finally slow the pace down and let go a bit. We took strolls along the canals, enjoyed all the green space our neighborhood had to offer, spent peaceful moments in warm cafes and bakeries, and got to check out some great places for food and drink. I really felt at home in our corner of London Fields, and am looking forward to visiting again. I was wrong about dodging London all these years. Thanks for showing me the light, Anna.


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