Gallery Show: "Ivanhood" - Carlos de los Angeles Photography | Travel & Lifestyle


"ivanhood" was unveiled at Downtown Credo on September 15, 2016. 

"ivanhood." is an ode to the Ivanhoe Village as we know it today... before the I4 Project, before the Alden Rd. development, before the neighborhood receives a facelift... for better or for worse. 

The intent of this collection is to create a visual time capsule of the Ivanhoe Village, one of the many main street neighborhoods of Orlando. Located 30 minutes north of the tourist corridor between downtown and Winter Park, these communities are not dominated by the theme parks and souvenir shops typically associated with Orlando. Instead... lakes, live oaks, brick roads, and bungalows set the scene. 

I believe these communities are building something special and are distinctly Orlando. These areas are fostering a unique grassroots culture separate form Mickey Mouse. For me, this "authentic Orlando" is worth documenting. It's home. 

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