The morning we landed in Utah, Cas and I drove straight to the Lake Blanche trailhead. This hike is a 7 mile out-and-back with 3 thousand feet of elevation up to the alpine lake. I’d been warned by some very athletic friends of mine as well as various blogs about the trail’s difficulty. Naturally, I withheld that information from Cassie 🤫. The trail starts off along a creek and makes its way deeper into the wilderness as you get higher up the canyon. Weather was prime, with the cool mountain breeze and autumn leaves protecting us from the sun.

Halfway up the canyon, there's an exposed stretch that gave us some great views as golden hour approached.

The last 45 minutes are a series of blind switchbacks, where you think the hike is nearing its end at every corner. When Sundial Peak makes it’s appearance, you know Lake Blanche is close.

At the top, we’re rewarded with a breezy picnic spot and a view of the lake below.


We were planning on taking our engagement photos at the salt flats but Mother Nature had other plans. Even though conditions were less than ideal, we still wanted to visit this barren wasteland west of Salt Lake City. In a quick 30 min window, we were able to run around in the emptiness and Cassie took the rental 100+ mph for her first time ever. It wasn’t long until the winds picked up and we were barely even able to open our car doors because of the force of the gusts. Visibility decreased as the salt storm worsened. Even though our time in the flats was short, we were grateful for our tiny little window that we caught and it was worth the drive to check a bucket list item off together.


I wanted to sneak in a quick bouldering sesh while we were in Utah but Mother Nature stays undefeated. Salt Lake City temps were pretty mild, but conditions were drastically different the deeper we got up into Little Cottonwood Canyon. We stopped at the first pull-off and were immediately disappointed by iced over top outs and snow covered landings. I tried to speed up the melting process to no success so we drove back down to return the pads. After returning the pads, we drove up higher into the canyon and found a literal Winter Wonderland to explore. We took a trail down to a pine forest and walked along the creek, following deer tracks and admiring the quiet serenity around us. This was very on brand for this trip which was basically a collection of things not going as planned, but ending up working out for the better.


Cassie accidentally booked her hair appointment in Park City so we rushed over before our photoshoot. A blessing in disguise, this allowed us to explore the area and we even returned for a dip in some under ground springs. We were even lucky enough  to see some heavy snowfall on our drive through the canyon.


We booked an AirBnB in a 100 year old bungalow just outside of downtown Salt Lake City. We instantly fell in love with the host’s design style and furnishing choices. Everything in the home was tastefully curated and made us want to move in permanently.


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